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The MyoSensor project is in partnership with the Global Coders initiative.

About MyoSensor
The project contains three applications The MyoSensor, Virtual Hand Simulation and the Report Generator.

The MyoSensor application has been designed to provide an affordable solution to engage and stimulate an amputee during the process of training to use a myoelectric prosthesis. The application will display live sensor readings and dynamically draw a line graph, while the keyboard control allows each sensor to be mapped to any key or mouse control. This opens up endless possibilities from controlling computer games, writing in a text document or controlling the virtual prosthetic hand simulation.

The Virtual Hand Simulation has been designed as a tool to be used alongside the MyoSensor Application, it provides a visual representation of a virtual hand which can be controlled via the keyboard. The MyoSensor key control application will allow myoelectric control of the virtual hand via key mapping engaging an amputee or non-amputee with a visual representation.

The Report Generator has been designed as a tool to automatically format and produce a report following a training session using the MyoSensor Application. It produces a report from the exported JSON file from the MyoSensore application, this can be printed, saved as a PDF or with the addition of further notes saved as a json file.

Open Source
The applications are free to download, and the code is open source as part of the Global Coders initiative.
Please refer to each application manual on how to set-up and run the particular application.
Below are links to the manuals, applications and relative source code.

Manual PDF
Source code
Virtual Hand Simulation
Report Generator

Contact Details
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